A View From Behind The Pen

SCRipt writing.

“Get Rich Quick”

(Feature Length Narrative Action/Comedy – 99 Pages)

A videographer working for a shady self-help guru finds himself in the action movie he’s always dreamed of making after witnessing his bosses murder.


(One-Hour Long Sci-Fi/Comedy Television Series – 58 Pages)

Student debt, a murky future, and supernatural abominations – for Doug Green monsters come in all shapes and sizes. Doug is a directionless college student pursuing a useless degree in his small home town, but when otherworldly forces interrupt his life he has to face his greatest fears and decide what’s most important to him.


(Half hour Comedy Sitcom – 28 Pages)

A Youtuber famous for Fail videos decides to pivot his brand to True Crime to reach a more mature demographic but struggles to rise above the small town antics of Macer Lake, his hometown and rural vacation destination.

“Closed After Dark”

(Half hour Sc-fi/Comedy For Young Adults – 28 Pages)

Two sisters create a popular paranormal activity podcast by following their Ghost Hunting father.

Mike James
Mike James